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Where do you shoot?2023-03-02T20:18:37+00:00

Typically, I love shooting outdoors with natural light.  I have several locations that are perfect for actor headshots in both Reno and in Carson City.  I also have access to several studios to do a studio session if that is your preference, or if weather dictates.

What Should I Wear?2023-03-02T20:15:08+00:00

Great Question.  Short answer… clothes that compliment you and fit the character types you believe fit you.  Study what the characters wear on the TV shows, movies, and commercials you want to be on.  Certain styles of clothes go with certain types of characters.  The clothes for the “Dad” or “Mom” look will be quite different than the look for the high level business executive.  And then, before the shoot, we will go over what types of characters you want photos for and what clothes you have best fits those roles.  Read more about wardrobe choices on this blog post.

What Is Included In The Session?2023-03-02T20:17:44+00:00

Fun. Professionalism. A touch of sarcasm.  And I also include as part of each session two (2) retouched images per “look”.  ALL your useable digital images (yes, delete the blurry ones and the ones that catch you mid-blink….).   All images will be color corrected and cropped to ideal specifications.  Turn around time is typically 7 business days.  If you want to know more about why you should get the entire gallery and why re-touching should be limited, please see my blog post here.

Do You Retouch? And Do I Need It?2023-03-02T20:18:04+00:00

Yes.  Retouching a set number of photos is included in each session package.  Typically, that is a commercial version and a theatrical version of each look.  This is where good communication with your representation is key.  I would definitely recommend getting their input on your session photos.

Yes, most of the time, retouching is needed.  We eliminating items such as blemishes, stray hairs, dark circles and an overall cleaning up of the skin to look fresh and natural.  But remember, retouching should never be overdone.  You ALWAYS want to walk into a casting looking exactly like your headshots.

Want to know more about what exactly your headshots should look like… and how retouching should factor in…. read my blog post on it.

Do You Travel For Photo Sessions?2023-03-02T20:18:21+00:00

Absolutely.  I am based in Carson City, NV and cover all of Northern Nevada.  But I also travel to Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix.  And as I might have the opportunity to travel to other cities, I will usually announce that on my Instagram Account.

What Is A “Look”?2023-03-02T20:17:30+00:00

Looks are considered wardrobe changes.  Along with the wardrobe, it may include changing the hairstyle, the lighting and backgrounds as well.  Simply adding or taking away a jacket, or eyeglasses is NOT considered a “look” change.  Click here to see examples of different looks on the same person as well as an idea of what potential looks might be good for you.

Do You Provide a Hair and Makeup Artist?2023-03-02T20:16:35+00:00

A Professional Hair and Makeup artist is never required… but highly suggested.. even for men, and especially for women.  Daily makeup is different than that used for film and photos.  The Hair and Makeup Artists allows you to focus on the session, and not worrying about a hair being out of place.  We want you to look your absolute best while shooting.  Makeup should be fresh, light and hardly noticeable.  We want YOU to shine through, not having too much makeup as a distraction.

If you prefer to use your own HMUA, you are absolutely welcome to do so, but you must come to the shoot “camera ready”, meaning all makeup must be done prior to the start of our session.  Your HMUA is also welcome to be at the shoot for small touchups and small hair changes.

How Do I Receive My Photos?2023-03-02T20:16:53+00:00

Once all color correction and cropping is done, you will be sent a link to your downloadable gallery.  From here, you can download the entire gallery, or just select pictures as well as being able to sent the link to your representation (if so desired) to help determine which photos you would like retouched.  I do ask that you not upload to any social media any “non-retouched” images as these do not represent my final product.

What If I Need To Reschedule?2023-03-02T20:16:20+00:00

We get it.  Stuff happens.  Bookings, work, sickness… it’s all part of life.  So we do are best to be flexible and accommodate. However, a minimum of 72 hours (3 days) is needed for studio shoots, and 48 hours (2 days) for outside shoots is required to reschedule and keep your deposit in place.  We allow one reschedule, then a new deposit will have to be made.

What Is Your Best Advice?2023-03-02T20:15:40+00:00

HAVE FUN!  Headshots are a blast to do, so have a blast doing them.  But keep in mind, preparation is the key.  As the saying goes, “Chance favors the prepared.”   So have that wardrobe ready to go, know what looks you want (having done your homework about what type you are).  Stay in the moment, be playful, and sometimes think outside the box.

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