Having been (and still “been-ing…is that a word?) a professional actor for over 20 years, who started his career in the film mecca that is Hollywood,  has given me an unique perspective, industry knowledge and experience that very few headshot photographers can duplicate.  My first professional gig in LA was in 2001, when headshots where still done not only in black and white, but still on actual 35mm film.  My time in front of the camera has been fairly extensive booking projects on everything from soaps like General Hospital, to Network shows like The Rookie, and big National Commercials for brands like Kia, Air New Zealand, Ram Truck, and Skyrizi as well as numerous local commercials and print work for brands like Ford, HGTV, and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  And working on projects such as those, I never missed an opportunity to talk to DP (Director of Photography) about what equipment they were using, what lenses they like shooting with and why, and any other knowledge I could absorb from them.  As an actor, that information is very helpful, but it also was part of my never ending, insatiable thirst to learn.  It is knowledge I still hold with me today.

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I’ve also had the experience of working on several major projects as part of the casting team.  In doing so, I’ve seen 100’s if not 1000’s of headshots.  Some great… some just ok… and some….well, let’s not talk about those.  But having seen what works, what grabs the attention of a casting director, is just one more piece of the puzzle of what I bring to the photo session. (Hint:  To grab their attention is what you want).

A long career in front of the camera also meant that I needed my own headshots. I have had quite a number of them.  I’ve also been blessed to have been able to shoot with some of the best headshot photographers in the business.  And just like the projects I’ve shot, I used those headshot sessions to learn technique from those experts.  That is the Entertainment Industry knowledge, experience, and unique perspective that I know bring to my work behind the camera.  I understand the type and style of shot that LA production teams want to see.  The style that will get you noticed by Casting Directors here in Northern Nevada, or areas like LA or San Francisco.  I know what agents and managers want to see in your headshots.  I want to collaborate with you to create headshots that give you the edge, that POP!

My goals for each session are simple.  First, that you feel completely relaxed and have fun.  If we are having fun, then I can bring out the absolute BEST in you.  The camera never lies.  If you are tense, it will be evident.  I want you to feel like you got the shots you wanted.  After all, the session is 100% about YOU, and giving you the best tool to get those auditions.  And then, ultimately, I hear back these words from you “My agent [or manager] LOVED the shots”.  Few things make me happier than when I can hear those words back from a client.